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Ogden Marathon

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South Weber,UT,

Member Since:

May 09, 2012



Goal Type:

Local Elite

Running Accomplishments:

Personal Records:

800 Meters 1:50.14 (Track-BYU)

1500 Meters 3:42.07 (Track-Stanford) Likely the best race of my life; converts to a 3:59.85 Mile

5000 Meters 14:20 (Track-Stanford)

8000 Meters 23:53 (Cross Country-Pre Nationals Iowa)

10000 Meters 29:57 (Track-Stanford)

Half Marathon (Mesa-Phoenix Half) 1:05:11

Marathon (St George) 2:16:09

Short-Term Running Goals:

2017 Races:

Mesa-Phoenix Half - 3rd Place 1:05:11 PR

Ogden WRC 10-Miler - 1st Place 55:46

Provo City Half - 1st Place 1:06:33

Ogden Marathon - 2nd Place 2:25:46

Long-Term Running Goals:

My main goal is just to stay healthy.  I was injured every year in my college career except for one.  I would like to reverse that trend and always stay injury-free.



I am a family man.  I am married to my beautiful wife Amy (who also ran at Weber and is quite the runner).  We have four beautiful daughters named Evelyn (6 years old), Hannah (4 year old), Nora (2 year old), and Iris (5 months).

Twitter handle: @RunnerRiley7

Instagram RunnerRiley7

I am supported by Brooks

I am a Generation Ucan elite athlete

Miles:This week: 0.00 Month: 0.00 Year: 0.00
Salomon Pro Wings 2 Lifetime Miles: 161.10
Brooks PureCadence 5 Lifetime Miles: 101.85
Brooks Adrenaline 17 Lifetime Miles: 161.85
Brooks Transcend 4 Lifetime Miles: 219.45
Brooks Ravenna 8 Lifetime Miles: 225.10
Brooks PureCadence 6 Lifetime Miles: 188.10
Brooks Launch 4 Lifetime Miles: 107.50
Brooks Glycerin 14 Lifetime Miles: 101.47
Brooks Hyperion Lifetime Miles: 92.13
Brooks Caldera Lifetime Miles: 31.10
Race: Ogden Marathon (26.219 Miles) 02:41:46, Place overall: 8
Easy MilesMarathon Pace MilesThreshold MilesVO2 Max MilesTotal Distance


Well this course is just simply my kryptonite! This year was basically a combination of the last two times I've attempted this race, with the exception of I felt a lot better later into the race.

Weather was the big topic leading up to race day and for good reason it was a downpour and low 40s for the entire race. We lucked out in that the starting area was clear and rain didn't show until mile 2 or so. So, it was easier this year to stay warm for the 1.5+ hours you have to sit in that field before the race starts.

The race was off and I executed my pacing strategy almost to the exact second on most of the first half. I wanted 1:12:30 give or take 10 seconds and I came thru in 1:12:10. Anyway, there was a pack of six of us early on Anthony, an East African, Jake, Fritz, and some guy who I didn't recognize.

After two miles Anthony and the East African started to pull away and Fritz and the other guy gapped Jake and me about 3-4 seconds. Eventually Jake worked up to Fritz and I was content to keep hitting my splits back in 6th, saving legs for the rollers and the canyon. During mile 3 I had two throw-up burps...gross and a foreshadow of things to come.

By mile 6-7 I was about 10 seconds back of the chase pack of Fritz, Jake, and other guy. During 7 I decided to "race" even though I had been hitting my splits as planned. So this mile and the next were the two that got me 20 seconds ahead of schedule at the half. But I passed Fritz and Jake here, but Jake latched on and came with me.

Jake and I passed other guy just as we started the rollers. I have struggled in the section in the past and tried to keep my pace at 5:30 or slower to ensure I didn't blow up. So, Jake gapped me a bit again here.

I took the only gel I took all race in mile 10 and slowly nursed it until the next aid station and then washed it down with 1-2 ounces of water. I was feeling pretty good and caught back up to Jake at the half. At this point we saw the East African walking on the side of the road and we were now both in podium positions.

I took a lead on Jake just after the half and probably had 5-8 seconds when I stopped at 16 to use the port a potty. My stomach had been sour all race long and it was really started to bug me. I came out still in 3rd and figured I could catch Jake still if, and it was a big IF with how my stomach felt at this time, I didn't throw up.

During mile 17 I started dry heaving and gagging on some mucous. I stopped and hacked that up and started again maybe 60 seconds back of Jake. Once I turned off the dam and hit the biggest downhill of the race my stomach had had enough and I stopped and try so hard not to throw up. I knew it was game over if I threw up. But I couldn't hold it back, I threw up 8 times. I couldn't believe I even had that much fluid in me since I'd taken only 1-2 ounces. The death sentence had been pronounced and it was now only a matter of time before the others caught up to me. I was able to pull off one more 5:40 before the cramping set in. The next 5-6 miles down the canyon consisted of slow running, stopping to self massage, and stretch. I was still in 3rd, but finally around 20-21 Fritz passed me. I gave him a five and wished him well and on his way.

Later just before mile 22 I got passed by other guy and I immediately felt sick again and threw up 6 more times. During this time Dave passed me, which I had no idea happened until after the race. So all race from here out I thought I was one place higher than I really was. Finally my stomach was completely empty and I could at least run without feeling sick. So I was able to finish the race without any more stopping. But with the cramping it was 7:00-7:30 pace range. I had a hard time lifting my legs. And strangely enough my arms and shoulders were cramping too and I ran a good portion of the last 10k with my arms dangling to the sides because I couldn't lift them into running position.

Jon passed me around Monroe Blvd, and Tracey passed me at like mile 25. The last mile was a bit of a blur, but I passed my family and apparently gave Ben a five, though I only vaguely remember that. I finished and collapsed, but got caught by Jason Blackham and another volunteer. They kept asking me if I was ok and I  was so cold I couldn't speak, I finally muttered, "cccold". They sent me into med tent and covered me head to toe in blankets, took my BP and pulse.

So tough race, but I knew that I had to finish. I wanted to drop out SO BADLY. I'm ashamedly a prideful man and dropping out would allow me to avoid being passed by friends and maybe even the top female finisher. I could drop and no one would blame me, I mean it was a brutal hand I was dealt. But, I had promised my daughter Evelyn I'd give her I high five at the end. My older sister Karlie was also running the half marathon after months of training and attempting to lose weight. I knew she wouldn't quit and I wouldn't either. Finally, I had watched "Unbroken" last night with Ben and Spencer and after seeing that my situation seemed like child's play. So I finished and took the bruises to my ego, glad I did!

8th place 2:41:46


1st Half: 540 535 521 521 523 528 525 516 524 528 539 527 530 1:12:10

2nd Half: 521 549 (hill) 629 (bathroom) 606 (hacking) 635 (throwing up) 540 709 800 808 (throwing up) 644 711 722 707 and 255 for what was .43 on my watch 1:29:30-ish.

Brooks Pure Cadence 4 Miles: 26.20
Weight: 154.40
From RustyTF2 on Sat, May 16, 2015 at 10:45:45 from

Way to stick it out! I can't imagine running a marathon in those weather conditions, let alone your stomach conditions! I'm sure you'll run a fast one later this year that makes up for it.

From SpencerSimpson on Sat, May 16, 2015 at 12:07:50 from

Dude. You the man. If you can take it, you can make it. Lots of fun and no fun the past 24 hours. Great to catchup. Loved the report. MIH

From Steve on Sat, May 16, 2015 at 13:11:49 from

I cannot freakin believe you finished that race, freezing like it was and puking so much. You are one tough sucker!

From Jason D on Sat, May 16, 2015 at 14:01:22 from

I thought you were just having a tough day (legs weren't cooperating or something) when I looked on Strava but this tells a much different story. Sitting around probably didn't help but I realize it's part of the organization. Take the necessary time to recover.

You're one tough dude.

From Rob Murphy on Sat, May 16, 2015 at 14:39:35 from


Way to persevere.

From josse on Sat, May 16, 2015 at 16:14:29 from

I knew when I saw your time something went wrong. Marathons can be so brutal but I agree with you that it is still worth the finish. Great job sticking it out. It is a frustrating pill to swallow, I know I've had many of these type of races. But we come back because we know we have better in ourselves.

From Drew on Sat, May 16, 2015 at 21:43:46 from

Pretty amazing time even without the puking!

From mikenelson on Sun, May 17, 2015 at 21:34:39 from

Tough as nails. Reading this made my stomach hurt.

From JPark on Mon, May 18, 2015 at 09:41:11 from

You win some, you lose some--cliché, but what more can be said about the game of marathoning/distance running?

You are such a soldier for sticking it out to the end. Great attitude and great example.

You've been having an awesome year so far and you'll undoubtedly have some stellar performances in the coming months.

From jtshad on Wed, May 20, 2015 at 08:51:57 from

Tough race. That is perseverence.

From RileyCook on Wed, May 20, 2015 at 09:05:53 from

Thanks everyone for the encouraging comments. This was a terrible result for me, but it didn't bum me out much at all. It wasn't fitness related, it was just an upset stomach. I felt good fitness-wise and I was very proud of my patient pacing, I just wish I could've finished executing the game plan.

Lesson learned: no more Gatorade or powerade ever during or before a race. My stomach just will not handle it.

The other thing nice about races and struggles like this is that I feel a connection to the more recreational runners in our sport. Hopefully this doesn't come off as arrogant, but being honest, I find it hard to connect with the recreational runner out there struggling for a 4-5 hour marathon. I'm often silently critical of their recreational approach to training and think it's weird that they are so happy to just finish regardless of time. But then I get a race like this and as I struggle to finish and finally do, I finally "get it" as far as their journey goes, and I get a respect for them that I didn't have before. It's a humble experience that I am grateful for.

From allie on Wed, May 20, 2015 at 19:16:09 from

14 pukes?! insane. if all you had was gatorade, maybe you are allergic to food dye?

i'm glad you finished safely because it sounds like you were in quite a situation. nice job finishing it out.

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